Boost Your Comfort with Reliable Air Conditioning Service in Surfside, FL

In Surfside, FL, where the climate demands high performance from air conditioning systems year-round, ensuring your AC is functioning efficiently is not just a convenience—it’s a necessity. Apogee HVAC Solutions, LLC specializes in maintaining that comfort level through comprehensive air conditioning services tailored to meet the unique needs of both residential and commercial clients. Upgrade your air conditioning service today with experts from our highly-rated company.

Services Tailored to Your Needs

Stay Cool in Your Space

Here in Surfside, the salt air, humidity, and heat can take a toll on HVAC systems. That’s why Apogee HVAC Solutions, LLC offers a complete range of services to ensure your system is always running smoothly:

Whether you need routine maintenance, emergency AC repair, or a full system installation, our team is ready to provide prompt and professional air conditioning service. The efficiency of your HVAC system is crucial, not only for comfort but also for managing energy costs. That’s why our energy management system solutions are so valuable, particularly in Surfside where energy use spikes in response to our warm climate. From 24-hour AC repair to regular maintenance, we ensure your system is optimized for performance and energy consumption.

Master the Climate

Breathe Easy With Expert Services

Living in Surfside, FL, you know that a well-functioning AC is key to keeping your home or business comfortable throughout the year. At Apogee HVAC Solutions, LLC, we understand the local conditions that impact your air conditioning service needs. Our team is prepared to respond with 24/7 AC repair services to ensure you’re never left in the discomfort of a Florida heatwave.

From commercial HVAC repair to new residential HVAC installation, our services are designed to ensure your environment remains comfortable, and your systems run efficiently. Don’t let the Surfside heat beat you. Call Apogee HVAC Solutions, LLC at (954) 309-0717 to schedule a consultation and see how we can elevate the comfort and efficiency of your space with our professional air conditioning services in Surfside, FL.

Our Full Range of Services

We perform a safe and efficient HVAC installation to improve your building’s indoor air quality.

Commercial HVAC Installations

Get professional maintenance and repair services to keep your business’ systems running smoothly.

Commercial HVAC Maintenance & Repair

Get a fast and reliable HVAC installation service that fits your needs and budget.

Residential HVAC Installation

Contact our expert technicians if your HVAC system requires maintenance or needs to be repaired.

Residential HVAC Maintenance & Repairs

We install top-quality energy management systems that help lower your energy bills.

Energy Management Control

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